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I Can Write Online

The Online Writing Tool for Teachers and Their Students

Download this comprehensive Instructional Handbook for the best I Can Write Online teaching strategies. Empower your students with additional writing tips to motivate them and give them confidence as their writing performance soars!

You will find additional tools in this accompanying document. Tools for the Handbook

If you teach writing to students at the 2nd - 5th grade levels, you may:

  • Wish you could make writing process workshops more productive and simplify all the related paperwork.
  • Want to make writing more fun for your students.
  • Wonder how to challenge your best writing students and motivate your struggling ones.
  • Need to integrate Six Trait Writing into your writing program.

If you can relate to any of this, then you've come to the right place. I Can Write Online is web-based software that uses engaging graphics, scaffolds and clear instructions to guide students through the writing process. Because you and your students access ICWO over the Internet, there's no software to install and maintain on your computer. Just log in and start writing!

To learn how ICWO can raise your students' test scores and make your teaching more effective, read about ICWO's features. The software is correlated with writing performance standards in all 50 states.

Our one-year student licenses are affordable for even the most modest budgets. Learn more about the features of I Can Write Online.

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